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Akaso V50 Pro Action Camera Unboxing, Reviews, Sample Images | Hindi

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Date : 15 August 2019

Welcome to the review of the #AkasoV50Pro – a wonderful native #4Kactioncamera !
The v50 pro is way beyond what you’d expect for a 150 USD / 11000 INR action cam.
Besides the waterproof case, there also are tons of mounts, frame, a second battery and even a remote to be used as a wristwatch. With all that you can position the camera in all kind of crazy angles and mount it to countless objects. At the end – this is what action cameras are about.
Before jumping to more samples – the hardware. Panasonic image sensor, equipped with iCatch v50 chip-set – means that you will enjoy a good looking footage and the 4K resolution is real. The touch screen functionality is good, but I do love the fact there is a way to navigate the menus via buttons – this can be precious if you are filming underwater.

The battery capacity is 1100mAh, enough for around an hour of recordings.

In the settings menu of the Akaso V50 Pro there is control of the angle. There’s choice between super wide – 170 degrees, and then – wide, medium and narrow. The superwide had too many distortions at the edges, so I mostly used the wide and medium.
The 62 megabits have very good color reproduction. I have a few remarks about darker areas and shadows – sometimes the image feels too contrasty, and that is quite easy to improve in post production.
All the modes tested showed good results for such a budget action camera.
Oh, and last but not least – the microphone of the Akaso V50 Pro is good too!
Easiest way to get this model is via Amazon (check the links below). And it is very attractive because of the great pack of accessories and the decent performance.

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