yt 18116 Cuddeback Cuddelink Dual Cell cellular trail camera review - Cuddeback Cuddelink Dual Cell cellular trail camera review

Cuddeback Cuddelink Dual Cell cellular trail camera review

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I’ve wanted a cuddeback camera for a very long time. I’ve always considered cuddeback to be the elite cameras in the trail camera industry. But when the cellular trail cameras started to become more of a regular item in stores I forgot that cuddeback existed. They didn’t have a cellular trail camera system until last year. Once they released their Cuddeback trail camera system the cuddelink I was really excited.

They are the only company that allows you to connect multiple cameras to one cellular camera and transmit images to your mobile devices, Kinda. I started to look for cuddeback cuddelink reviews and it was hard to find any from anyone who wasn’t sponsored by cuddeback. Nor could I find any honest cuddeback link reviews.

I bought a cuddeback cellular trail camera anyway. The cuddeback cellular camera is really big. It is probably 18 inches tall including the three antennas. It uses D batteries and weighs a couple pounds.

These cuddeback cellular trail cameras can be paired with other cuddeback trail cameras that kind of work like a game camera wifi system. Now most of the game camera reviews I saw for the cuddeback cellular camera were biased they did have a lot of great features.

You can set up a camera and have all of the images from other cameras transported to that camera. From there the images will be sent to you with it’s cellular trail camera system.

The first cellular trail camera I had was made by moultrie game cameras. The pictures worked nice it was a verizon celluar trail camera system. But the modem was separate from the camera so it was a big set up process. I see now that browning trail cameras make a cellular trail camera. But I haven’t found any game camera reviews for the browning trail cameras.

Not only are these cameras good for hunting you can use trail cameras for security as well. Most trail camera manufacturers make security boxes to put around their trail cameras.

When it comes to picture quality I think moultrie game cameras take the best pictures. Followed by Stealthcam game cameras.

But this cuddelink system made by cuddeback is a cool system. The downfalls about the cuddeback system is they don’t have a cuddeback app. It’s pretty disappointing considering that it’s a cellular trail camera it should have something to work with a cellular device like a smart phone.

Most of the cuddeback cuddelink reiviews I found weren’t really reviews they were just overview video stating the features etc.
The cuddeback cuddelink cellular trail camera for $199.99 is required to have a cellular plan in order work. It won’t even take pictures and save it to your memory card.

They have a $399.99 version of the camera that will do both. The cuddeback cuddelink dual cell camera says it can use up to a 32gb sd card. I wasn’t able to get any card bigger than a 16Gb card working. The night images in the cuddeback trail camera seem to be noisy and kind of blurry.

The camera is decently fast and I didn’t get a lot of images where there wasn’t an animal in the screen. The only way to view images from the cuddeback cellular trail camera is by email. Then you can use google drive to organize your pictures and so on.

I’ve used a lot of cellular trail cameras the last few years. I’ve used spypoint trail cameras I would like to try the spypoint link micro camera. I’ve used the stealth cam wxv cellular trail camera. My spypoint trail cameras are a little spotty when it comes to reliability but other than that they work pretty well.

The cuddeback cuddelink will connect to a cuddeback solar panel as well as an external cuddeback battery pack that you can charge with the cuddeback solar panel. The cuddeback solar panel is 9v so it won’t work with third party external batteries.

I would like to try the new xv7000i cellular trail camera made by moultrie game cameras. The moultrie xv7000i cellular trail camera is another trail camera that uses verizon signal and att to transmit images. I’m glad they finally have an all in one cellular trail camera from moultrie game cameras.

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