yt 15267 Cuddeback Cuddelink Dual Cell Cellular trail camera unboxing - Cuddeback Cuddelink Dual Cell Cellular trail camera unboxing

Cuddeback Cuddelink Dual Cell Cellular trail camera unboxing

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I’ve been wanting to get the Cuddeback Cuddelink Dual Cell Trail camera since it came out. It makes a lot of sense seeing as you can connect multiple cameras to the cuddelink K camera. Then all the images from all of the cameras will be emailed to you. I’ve been using the spypoint cellular cameras for two years now. They have worked really well but not perfect. There are so many cellular trail cameras now it’s hard to know what camera to choose.

The 2019 deer hunting season is slowly approaching. So scouting for big mid michigan bucks is really important. THe cellular trail cameras really help with your scouting because you’re able to track bucks and keep track of the times the deer are coming out of the woods and into the field. you can do all this without having to go into the prime hunting zones.

THe cuddeback game cameras have always been top of the line. With fast trigger speeds and really nice photos. The cuddeback cellular trail camera has potential to be a really great camera. I’ve looked up cuddeback cuddelink reviews but most of them seem to be biased reviews by sponsored individuals. Most of the cuddelink reviews I found were mediocre. I found a good cuddeback camera sale.

Using cellular game cameras you have many advantages over game cameras that don’t have a cellular reception. The cuddeback uses the verizon cellular platform and it’s the best camera cellular reception especially in very secluded areas. You could easily use the cuddeback cellular trail camera for security.

Many of the game camera reviews just have them being used just as hunting gear. But you can easily use a trail camera for security.

The cuddeback cuddelink has a solar adapter to connect a solar panel to made by cuddeback of course. In the next few weeks I will be making a review for the cuddeback cuddelink dual cell cellular camera. HOpefully this turns out to be a great cellular game camera.

Deer hunting can be complicated so having a good cellular trail camera can give you advantages over the deer. You can learn the times they like to come out where they like to come out etc. See how often certain bucks are coming to your hunting area.

Hunting on public property can be very hard. with a situation like that you can have an advantage over other hunters that are hunting the same public property. A cellular trail camera can send you images and keep you out of the really close areas of your hunting ground.

Soon I will do a comparison video of the spypoint link dark cellular trail camera, stealth cam wxv cellular trail camera and the cuddeback cuddelink cellular trail camera. It will be Spypoint vs. cuddeback, vs. stealthcam. I actually really enjoy making out door hunting gear reviews and I plan on doing it some more.

I hope having these cuddeback cellular trail cameras will give me some luck while hunting this year. l

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