yt 18243 Item review SJCAM M10 Plus Action Camera First impression - Item review - SJCAM M10 Plus Action Camera (First impression)

Item review – SJCAM M10 Plus Action Camera (First impression)

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====================This is a video review I made about the #SJCAM M10 Plus action #camera.
Here are several links to purchase the item online:
(Amazon US)
(Amazon UK)

In this specific video, I demonstrate the unboxing of the camera and all the additional accessories included in the package, and give you a first demonstration about how the Wi-Fi feature works with this camera when I connect it to my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S5).

Since I did not want to create a long and boring video (this specific video is already quite long…), I will create additional video that will demonstrate the shooting capabilities of this camera (video and photo).

The brand: SJCAM
The model: M10 Plus

The pros:
– Has plenty of features for different uses of video and photo shooting
– shoots 2K/30fps videos (I still did not test the quality, will be described in a separate video)
– Connects to devices such as smartphone, tablet etc. and can be controlled using a specific app/software called “SJCAM HD” which is quite easy to use . The camera itself responds well to that (similar to a security camera)
– Basic package includes plenty of accessories
– Includes a screen (not all action cameras have one), which is even better than the one in the SJ4000 plus

The cons:
– Battery life not supposed to last more than 90 minuets
– MicroSD card max capacity is only up to 32Gb?
– Car charger cable was not supplied in the basic bundle, yet if the manufacturer chose to supply so many accessories, why not give also/instead a car charging cable?
– I could not ignore the idea this camera works and sounds exactly like dash-cameras that I got to review (not sure if this is a bad thing and yet I consider this a bit cheap)
– The SJ4000 plus seems more compact and it seems the available accessories I purchased will fit only to that specific model (still need to check that)

Here is the description of the item:
SJCAM M10 Series M10 & M0 WIFI & M10 Plus 2K Video Resolution Mini Action Camera Waterproof Camera 1080P Sport DV

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