yt 3356 Pixel 3XL Review All About the Cameras - Pixel 3XL Review "All About the Cameras"

Pixel 3XL Review “All About the Cameras”

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Pixel 3XL Review “All About the Cameras”
There was so much information on the cameras on this device that I had to make a “Part Two” of my Pixel 3XL review so I could focus on just the cameras this time. There will be specs and demos of all 3 cameras and the things you can do with them. The only thing I forgot was to have a demo “slow-motion” video on here taken by this device.
I really tried to push the envelope this time around to make the highest quality video I could.
If you have any questions on this device, please post below…I read every post.
My wife sent her Pixel 2 XL in for warranty work for a front screen replacement and they screwed up her device. They didn’t have a Black Pixel 2 XL to replace it with so they gave her a new Pixel 3 XL. She figured I would want to show you all in a video review, so that’s how I got it…lol…
Please watch the whole video as I have some very important information in it about this device, that you will want to know about before deciding on weather you shell out your hard earned cash on this expensive smart phone, flagship by Google.
I will try to edit out all the fluff and give you nothing but but important information. I will also be adding 2 videos on the end of this video showing the rear camera in action in both 1080p and 4k. I will be showing the image stabilization with these videos and how it sounds using an external microphone.

You can purchase this device straight from Google here:…
I would purchase the device from Google, if you plan on unlocking the bootloader, If you get this phone from Verizon, it will be bootloader locked and locked hard. If you get it from Google it will still work with any carrier in the US, including Verizon. It will also work as an international carrier device.

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