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Review of Voyager RV Camera – Observation Camera – VOM43HDCL1B –

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Today we’re taking a look at the Voyager RV Observation Camera System. Now, this observation system lets you see behind or around your RV, or heavy duty equipment, or vehicle. It helps minimize blind spots. It helps prevent accidents and increases safety, and just overall awareness.Now, this system is designed to support up to three cameras. So, that means you can have three cameras plugged into the harness at the same time, and have all feeds viewable right here from the monitor.This is a 4.3 inch, full-color LCD monitor. Brightness, color and contrast can all be adjusted through the on-screen menu, which is down here at the bottom that has multiple lines on it.

So, you can hit that, and then your menu option pops up. Very easy, very nicely designed. It’s kind of got a rugged feel to it, which I really like, personally, about the monitor.But, again, everything can be adjusted. Mirror image is displayed for a precise view from the driver’s perspective, but all that can be adjusted as well. And your settings can be adjusted for each camera that you have set up with the unit.It comes with one camera and one monitor.

It has an anti-glare, anti-scratch protective lens. Graphic overlay shows real-time distance from your objects, and it also has a built-in speaker here on the back, which allows you to hear the audio that is sent from the onboard microphone on the camera.You can adjust your volume at any time by hitting the up and down buttons. Testing, testing, testing. So, you can kind of hear that. It sounds like a walkie talkie coming through.

But you can adjust your volume, so if you have an object that makes a sound, you can definitely hear that. Or if you have a spotter behind your vehicle, or a friend or buddy out there helping you, then you can hear them as well, coming through the audio.Now, one of the other things I want to point out is that, this unit has three trigger wires. Your trigger wires, there’s basically one trigger wire for each camera input.Trigger wires allow you to wire the camera, so it automatically comes on when certain functions are activated. For example, if you want to use this as a backup system, or a backup camera, then you would tap that feed into the reverse gear on your vehicle, so that way when you engage in reverse, the camera automatically comes on. If you always want the camera to be on, then you would tap into a primary power wire, or a wire that has power when the vehicle is turned on.The waterproof camera can be adjusted to different angles for easy viewing.

It does have a IP69K rating. So, waterproof design. Comes with your mounting bracket, and it comes with your mounting hardware. I also point out, again, it has audio feed. So, that’s going to let you listen to what’s going on outside the vehicle. It also has infrared LEDs on the camera housing to provide nighttime vision.Now, it’s a simple and quick installation. Some drilling is required. You’ll need to secure the bracket to the vehicle, and then attach the camera to the bracket with four screws. The screws are provided, so everything that you need for the installation, as far as getting the components attached to the brackets, like this attaches to the bracket, your monitor attaches to a bracket. That hardware is included. They do not provide hardware for installing it onto your vehicle.So, you will need to attach the bracket to your vehicle with your own hardware, and they leave that up to you, that way you can select how you want to do it. And then, also, your mount right here for your monitor, hardware’s not provided to get that installed onto a dash.That’s because some people don’t really like to drill their dash. Maybe they want to put a big adhesive pad or a velcro pad on the bottom here. So that way they can just stick it onto the dash whenever they want to use it.So, again, attachment hardware is included. Your installation hardware for getting that actually attached to your vehicle is not included, that’s provided on your own. But it is a pretty simple installation.Your wiring, where it passes through your vehicle, it does come with a grommet pre-installed on that harness. So, that way that seals that up. It keeps the dirt and moisture from getting into the vehicle.You’ve got some wiring here, so you got a harness that goes into the additional harness. This is where your three camera input system is, as well as your trigger wires. It is fused protected, so we have a 5 amp fuse, in-line fuse holder right there.And then, we have a wiring harness that comes from the

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