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Review of Voyager RV Camera – Weatherproof Observation Camera – VCMS20 –

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Ellen: Hey everyone. I’m Ellen here at and today we’re taking a look at the Voyager RV Backup Camera with Night Vision. Now, these are going to be available in either white or black, so you can pick one up of either color. It doesn’t come with both. I just wanted to show you them side by side so you can get a better idea of what they look like. And this is going to be a great option if you just want to add a camera to your already existing Voyager Backup Camera system, or maybe one of your cameras got lost or damaged somewhere along the way.

There are monitors available separately, and there are kits available with a camera and a monitor if you want to have more of a complete setup. You can find those right here at, along with a lot of other accessories.So basically these cameras are going to be pretty nice. They have really high IP ratings, so they’re going to be able to stand any kind of weather, rain, sleet, snow, all that good stuff. It has an IP rating of 69, and that’s just an ingress protection rating. And basically that means that this is impervious to dust, and it’s actually submersible.

So even if you’re using a power washer to clean off your work truck or your RV, you shouldn’t have to worry about any kind of issues coming into contact with your camera. It should be able to withstand that just fine. And it also is compliant with the salt spray exposure standard. So if you’re by the coast, down by the Gulf, or up in the northern states where there’s a lot of road salt, shouldn’t have any issues with any corrosion or anything like that. So definitely can withstand just about any kind of outside use, which you will be using these outside most likely.

So should stand up for a long time.Pretty simple install. We’ll just have to mount up our bracket to wherever we choose, and then probably drill a hole for our wiring to go through. You want it to be big enough to get that plug in place. And then it does come with a grommet that can slide along the cable. So it can take up that space wherever you do drill that hole.

It’s kind of a rubbery grommet. It looks kind of like a little hamburger there on your cable.All the features are going to be the same for both cameras. There’s really no difference other than the color on the outside. They do have a full color image. There is a built-in mic, so we won’t have to worry about shouting out the window to our friend who’s helping us back up. We can actually hear everything through the monitor since that sound is coming in through our camera as well. Comes with the adjustment tool to get our angle correct on our camera, so we can angle that wherever we need it to be, whether it’s helping us to get hooked up to our coupler on our trailer or just giving you a second set of eyes on your flat-tow vehicle as you’re going down the road with your RV. They can be used as a backup camera or just for observation. So you can wire this into the reverse lights if you want to use it as a backup camera or into your running lights if you want to use it for an observation camera.As far as the dimensions, overall, our camera is going to be two and three-quarter inches wide, which is just from the outside of the camera. With the bolts in place, it’s a little bit larger, about three and a quarter. And then it’s about one and five-eighths inches deep. With the bracket, it’s more like two and seven-eights. And then about one and five-eighths inches tall. Our mounting hole spacing on the back there, center to center, it’s about one an a half inches. Going the other direction, it’s about nine-sixteenths.The resolution on the camera is 600 TV lines. It works with 12 volt DC power. And our cable length here is 36 inches, or about three feet. It does come with a one-year warranty. And if you want to pick up any other accessories to go with your camera, including a monitor or a complete kit that comes with a monitor and an additional camera, those are available here at in a couple of different configurations. So definitely check those out.That’s going to do it for our look at the Voyager RV Backup Camera with Night Vision.

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