yt 19207 Reviews Hawfy Mini HD Wireless Hidden Camera Magnetic Feature for Easy Ins - Reviews Hawfy Mini HD Wireless Hidden Camera - Magnetic Feature for Easy Ins...

Reviews Hawfy Mini HD Wireless Hidden Camera – Magnetic Feature for Easy Ins…

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✅CRYSTAL CLEAR NIGHT VISION … 6 non-bright infrared lights in a Hawfy spy camera gives 1080p HD viewing with a field of night vision up to 5 meters with a 150 degree wide angle view.
✅ INSTANT PHONE NOTIFICATIONS … Hawfy app (HIDVCAM) notifies you with images from the WiFi spy cam when it detects movement. Supports iOs and Android to give you peace of mind using any device.
✅ 24-HOUR NON-STOP LOOP RECORDING … day in, day out, our WiFi hidden camera is continuously rolling; nothing will be missed thanks to the included bonus 32GB SD card and card reader. Rest easy, Hawfy is watching your home all the time. For long period recording it supports up to 128GB SD cards.
✅ MAGNETIC FOR EASY INSTALLATION … stick your mini spy camera on a metallic surface and you’re done! No complicated plugs or wires but with special mount for cars and bikes!
✅INTELLIGENT MOTION DETECTION … Hawfy WiFi hidden spy cameras are sourced from best quality materials in the market. No more ‘dummy texts’ with faulty motion detection technology.
Hidden Cameras with poor motion detection, lousy night vision, and blurry video quality make it difficult to feel like your home is protected. Hawfy mini spy cameras are sourced from the highest-grade materials we can find, so you can have complete peace of mind as soon as you lock the door. Plus it comes with a 32GB SD card and SD card reader. Click ADD TO CART now to safeguard your home today. TRUST HAWFY TO WATCH YOUR Car Home Office Bicycle Nursery Children as a nanny camHOW LONG DOES THE BATTERY LAST? On a full charge, you can expect your Hawfy camera to run for 1.5 hours unattended before it needs to be plugged back in. If you’re concerned about the camera battery dying while you need it, consider plugging it in to charge before leaving. The Hawfy mini WiFi camera works also perfectly while plugged to a power bank. That’s the best way to keep the WiFi spy camera running for a long time. DOES IT HAVE TO BE PLUGGED IN? Nope! While you can certainly leave your Hawfy spy cam plugged in during use, the battery can run for a max of 1.5 hours on its own. Charge the battery, unplug it, and slap it on any magnetic surface. You’re good to go! DOES IT RECORD AUDIO? The Hawfy HD Mini Spy Camera doesn’t record audio. It’s prohibited by the US laws for Hidden Spy Cameras to record audio. Hawfy is a brand that complies with all the required regulations and always working for the best interest of its customers! You are safe with us! DOES IT HAVE THE WIFI FEATURE? YES! You’ll be able to access the live video whenever you want and wherever you are. (Compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi only)With the Hawfy Mini Spy Camera you will stop worrying about your home security! Awesome, right? Relax, you’re covered by our 100% Money Back Spy Cam Guarantee, no questions asked. Click Add to Cart now!

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