yt 18320 Reviews HD 1080P Wireless IP Camera WiFi Home Security Cameras BabyElderly - Reviews HD 1080P Wireless IP Camera WiFi Home Security Cameras Baby/Elderly ...

Reviews HD 1080P Wireless IP Camera WiFi Home Security Cameras Baby/Elderly …

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EASY QUICK WIFI SET UP – NO complicated setups, NO frustrating installations. Everything is easy to setup via wi-fi and you will home security IP camera running in your home in about 5 minutes.
NIGHT VISION – Nothing will slip up from your surveillance with the night vision of the Bavision Security IP Camera. The IR will register every movement and activity even at night! Ideal nanny cam, elderly monitoring and dog monitor camera.
PAN TILT – When there is a movement that you want to track, pan and tilt the camera easily with a remote. The full pan and tilt coverage is 355 degrees and the monitor security camera has an ultra-wide 120-degree viewing angle.
HIGH-QUALITY IMAGE AND CLEAR TWO WAY AUDIO – Stunningly crisp HD camera quality (1080p) and high-quality two-way audio will make the videos and surveillance crystal clear.
MOTION DETECTION – One of the best features of this security camera is the motion detection feature that will capture and send alarm photos and videos to your email.
Bavision Security IP Camera Monitor – The perfect easy to use wifi IP security camera Bavision is back with another hit IP camera to enhance your security and give you great options for monitoring elderly, dogs, kids, and properties. Setup camera via Wi-Fi in 1, 2, 3 See the live camera video in a relatively easy process with the extremely easy process of setting up the camera via wifi. With the inbuilt Bavision recognition technology, all you need to do is setup the camera and the desired device via WiFi and you can easily follow everything on your PC & camera. .. Night Vision & Pan Tilt. The best thing about this IP camera is that there are no limitations. It can record and notice movements at night with the night vision IR cut. No more darkness and unnoticeable traces! Manually pan and tilt the camera and change the wild viewing angle. Nothing can’t be unnoticed with the 355-degree coverage and the efficient remote control!Crisp Clear HD Video, Photos & 2-way audio No more blurry photos with low quality and without important details. The Bavision Security IP Camera Monitor records in HD quality (1080p) giving you the ability to clearly see what is going on. The two-way audio features enable you to communicate with the camera as well. Protect Your Property & Belongings with Motion Detection Setup the motion detection feature and Bavision Security IP Camera Monitor will capture photos and videos and send them to your email or inform you about these unusual movements. This is a great real security feature. The camera features smart loop recording (it will continue to record with deleting the beginning of the recording). Why Purchase: ✔️ easy setup via WiFi ✔️ HD video quality (1080p) ✔️ Night vision ✔️ Pan Tilt (355° coverage) ✔️ Smart loop recording ✔️ Motion Detection ✔️ Two Way Audio

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