yt 22363 Ring Indoor Cam Review Compact Plug In HD Security Camera That Works With Alexa Black Friday 2019 - Ring Indoor Cam Review: Compact Plug In HD Security Camera That Works With Alexa (Black Friday 2019)

Ring Indoor Cam Review: Compact Plug In HD Security Camera That Works With Alexa (Black Friday 2019)

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This review of the Ring Indoor Cam will include price and overall ratings. You will hear real customer reviews and other information to help you decide it the Ring Indoor Cam is right for you.

The Ring Indoor Cam is a compact plug-in HD security camera with a two-way speaker and microphone. You can easily communicate with your family members while at work or traveling.

It works seamlessly with Alexa so you can plug and play within minutes.

Features of the Ring Indoor Cam include:
It is a tiny and efficient plug-in indoor camera that enables you to see and hear, and speak to people and pets from your smartphone, tablet, or Echo device.

You can watch over your home once you connect one or more indoor cams to your Ring devices through the Ring app.

You can add a Ring Protect Basic Plan for $3 a month. This will record all your videos which you can review for up to 60 days.

You can easily share the videos with friends, family, neighbors, and others.

Through the Live View function, you can check in on your home at any time directly through the Ring app.

The setup is easy by plugging your Indoor Cam into a standard outlet and then connect to your home Wi-Fi.

Simply place the camera on a flat surface or install it through a wall mount with a versatile rotating bracket.

Easily pair it with Alexa to help you keep an eye on your home while you are away.

Here are the main pros and cons for the Ring Indoor Cam.
Pros For Ring Indoor Cam include.
One, it works with Alexa.

Two, it is easy to install.

Three, it has a two-way talk built-in.

Four, you can receive real-time notifications.

Cons For Ring Indoor Cam include.

One, you cannot power the camera over ethernet.

Two, there is no battery pack for power outages.

Three, some people have reported issues using the app Windows OS.

Now that the pros and cons have been covered we can talk more about the Ring Indoor Cam.

You can bring protection inside your home with Ring Indoor Cam.

It is a compact yet powerful security camera that plugs-in to your wall sockets for nonstop power.

The Ring Indoor Cam has a high definition video camera and a two-way talk that works effectively and clearly.

The motion-activated notifications can alert you directly on your phone.

The Indoor Cam comes with a large list of features to keep you connected while away from your home.

You can get even more out of all your Ring devices with their Protect.

Protect is a comprehensive all-in-one service that records and allows you to see what you missed.

You are able to easily see, save, and share videos.

You can activate Protect video recording for only $3 a month per device or $10 a month per household.

The Ring Indoor Cam connects directly to Alexa. This gives you hands-free home monitoring and protection.

If your Ring Indoor Cam detects motion then your Echo device will light up.

The Echo will let you or anyone present know that something has been detected.

You will always know when someone is in your home.

For those of you who have an Echo Show or Echo Spot, you will also be able to see, hear and speak to anyone seen on the camera.

The Ring Indoor Cam is so easy to install. It is probably one the easiest to use security cameras at one of the lowest prices.

First, place your Indoor Cam on a flat surface, shelf, or wall. Plug it directly into a standard power outlet or extension cord.

Second, follow the easy to understand steps in the app to connect to your home Wi-Fi internet connection.

Third, now you are all set up and can make adjustments through the app based on your needs.

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