yt 17951 Stealth Cam WXV WXA 3 week cellular trail camera review - Stealth Cam WXV WXA 3 week cellular trail camera review

Stealth Cam WXV WXA 3 week cellular trail camera review

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In today’s Josh Make’s Movies Video I am doing a review for the Stealth Cam WXV cellular trail camera. This trail camera will send pictures right to your cell phone via the stealth cam remote app.

This cellular trail camera is a really nice trail camera that can take high quality 22 megapixel pictures and save them to the SD card. All while sending images to your phone in resolutions up to 1280×720 pixel ratio.

I bought this trail camera because I really liked my stealth cam trail cameras I had in years past. I wanted to get a cellular trail camera from stealth cam for a while but they didn’t have the verizon cellular service. The other reason I was looking forward to buying this trail camera was because it allowed video upload to the app.

Having videos sent to your phone is a big deal and I was really excited to see that. Unfortunately the video quality is so poor that it really doesn’t look very good. The trail camera will take videos in 1080p if you don’t have the cellular mode setting turned on.

The Stealth cam WXV or WXA is prices around $200 depending on where you look online. It’s quite a bit more money than their most popular model the stealth cam qs12 but for good reason. It does a lot more. I haven’t found a lot of honest stealth cam reviews on this camera mostly just people sponsored by stealth cam.

Setting up the stealth cam wxv was not easy at all. It took a lot of unnecessary steps to set it up which was unfortunate. So I ended up having to do a lot of stealth cam troubleshooting. I did have to get the stealth cam manual out and follow it step by step. The stealth cam trouble shooting wasn’t getting me anywhere. As well I didn’t get much help with any of the other stealth cam reviews on youtube.

There are a lot of trail camera reviews out now but I think this one covers the subjects people are really interested in when it comes to preparing to buy a cellular trail camera.

It seems like everyone is making cellular trail cameras now days. There are browning trail cameras, moultrie trail cameras, spypoint trail cameras, cuddeback trail cameras, as well as many other trail cameras. But it is really convenient when you have trail cameras that sends pictures to your phone. Cellular trail cameras aren’t only for hunting. They are a great ways to use a trail camera for security. They even have trail cam walmart version of cellular trail cameras.

The game camera reviews I have found didn’t seem to help me with my purchase of a cellular trail camera so I bought a couple different trail cameras and made game camera reviews myself. Most of the trail cameras I found weren’t cellular trail cameras. The number one searched trail camera seemed to be the stealth cam QS12. Which is one of the best trail camera und 100 dollars. The stealth camera wxv and stealth camera wxv (same camera different service) and is one of the best wireless trail camera. I have the HME solar battery pack connected to the stealth cam wxv wireless trail camera.

There is a bushnell cellular trail camera that transmits videos to your phone just like the stealth cam wxv. YOu can find a lot of trail camera ebay listings and possibly pick up one of these cameras for a smaller price.

It is very nice to have a trail camera that sends images to your cell phone. Having a cellular trail camera that allows you to stay out of the field or woods during the season but still allows you scout the deer that are on your property. In this video I post a couple pictures of some big michigan bucks that I got on the trail camera.

The trail camera pics are pretty nice to have access to when you’re sitting at home on your couch or in your office at your boring job. This michigan deer hunting season is going to be an exciting one and I’m glad to get out in to the woods. The Michigan deer hunting bow season 2019 will be awesome I can’t wait to get out in the woods. I’m not sure if the stealth cam cellular trail camera antenna isn’t very good or is broken but I don’t get very good signal with it.

My spypoint, cuddeback and cell phone all have 5 bars of verizon signal but for some reason the Stealth cam cellular trail camera only has 1 bar of signal. I have thought about getting a cellular trail camera antenna booster. This cellular trail camera with gps lets you know precise locations the deer are showing up near your bow hunting stand. I hope that this wireless trail camera reviews 2019 will help you make a decision in buying a trail camera.

As well this cellular trail camera reviews 2019 answers all the question you might have about the products

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