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Top 5 Budget Dash Cameras – 2017 Edition

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Here are our latest ~$100 dash camera recommendations for 2017. This is an update to the video we released in May.

UPDATE – OCT 2nd, 2018:

We replaced the A118C2 and the Goluk T3 with the Blueskysea B1W. It has better video quality, customer service and most importantly error notifications. Review:

Read our article for our updated recommendations for 2018:…

• Our SD Card Recommendations:

• Guide to parking mode cameras and hardwiring:…

• Top 3 Premium Cameras:

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We earn a commision from some of the retailers we link below. Since Jan 2017 we have purchased all dash cameras we review. This is an older review and we have a few cameras we got for free. Go to the bottom for disclosure. We do not get paid by manufacturers. We only recommend products after many hours of research, hands-on testing and analysis.

#1 Viofo A119V2 – $100
Best value camera for most drivers. Stealthy, video quality, good reliability. Our updated review for the newer V2 model and why the A119S isn’t better:

Get it:
Amazon USA:
Amazon CAN:
Amazon UK:
eBay: (estore009, great seller, China)

#2 Blueskysea B1W
The A118C and the Viofo G1W-S are no longer recommended. Our new recommendation for the cheapest warm weather camera is the Blueskysea B1W – which is better than our previous picks. It adds WiFi functionality, is cheaper and more reliable. Review:

Amazon USA:
Amazon CAN:
Amazon UK:

#3 Yi Dash Cam – $60 USD
The cheapest WiFi, rotating camera we recommend. Good reliability but it has a lithium-ion battery so don’t use it in hot environments. Our review:

Get it:
Amazon USA :
Amazon CAN:
Amazon UK:

#4 Transcend 200 – $100
For drivers in hot and humid environments who are on a budget and want a camera which has been proven to be reliable. If you don’t need that, look at the Yi or the A119 instead for better performance. Our Review:

Tape Version Recommended
Amazon USA –
Amazon UK –
Amazon CAN –

#5 Goluk T3 – $100
Replaced with the BlueSkySea B1W – see above.

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For our premium camera recommendations see our video:

The constant rewriting done by dash cameras wears down SD cards. Some cards are more durable than others. We tell you why and what we recommend you get.

Full video:

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We received the Viofo A119 from the manufacturer and the A118C and G1W from Spy-Tec for free. The A119V2 was purchased by us. The following cameras we purchased at a discount: A118C2 from estore009. These cameras we bought full price: Goluk T3, Transcend 200, Yi Dash Cam, DDpai Mini2, Aukey DR01, Rexing V1.

As always trust with our audience is the #1 currency.

Thank you for your support!
-Andrew & Team

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