yt 20420 VanTop Mirror Dash cam review and setup Best Dash Camera for Cars - VanTop Mirror Dash cam review and setup | Best Dash Camera for Cars

VanTop Mirror Dash cam review and setup | Best Dash Camera for Cars

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VanTop Mirror Dash cam review and setup | Best Dash Camera for Cars
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1440P Dual Cams & Sony Starvis Experience:
The front and rear cameras start recording simultaneously once your car starts up. Two record modes – 1440p front + 1080p rear or 1080p front + 1440p rear, ensure real HD video from both cams. Sony “Starvis” sensor IMX 335 provides outstanding visibility even at starlight environment, helps to capture clear and crisp video all day and night.
Backup Camera for Parking Assistance:
When reversing, the full screen automatically display the rear view and a guide line to help you park easily and safely. The waterproof backup camera, with 140-degree field of view, eliminates more blind spots comparing with traditional rearview mirror. To use the parking assistance function, please connect the red wire to car reverse light.
Seamless Loop Recording & G-sensor:
With loop recording function on, your dash cam will seamlessly record (each video file at 1/3/5 min) and automatically overwrite the oldest video when the SD card is full. The built-in G-sensor helps automatically record a video when detecting collision, and lock it to prevent it from being overwritten in loop recording function.
Time-lapse Recording & Large Storage:
Time-lapse mode is great for 24-hour parking monitor or recording a long journey, allowing you to observe the whole process while saving SD card space. The dash cam can support up to 128 G SD card, no worry about running out of memory in short time.
Responsive 10″ FHD Touch Screen:
The IPS touch screen delivers picture with sharp and vivid colors, no lag, fast responsiveness, and enable you to observe the real-time traffic covering wider field of view than traditional way. Enjoy the real-time display of road with the screen on. Turn off it to use it as traditional rearview mirror.

FHD Dual Recording
Two modes recording: 1440P front + 1080P rear or 1080P front + 1440P rear. Resolution can be switched from 1440p to 1080p between the front and the rear camera. Either way is able to deliver super sharp videos and provide crucial details to back you up in an unexpected incident.

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Stunning Night Vision
The front camera has outstanding performance at both day and night. It adopts the advanced Sony IMX335 “Starvis” sensor, featuring high sensitivity and low noise, is able to capture crisp clear video footage in dark which clearly shows car plates number, road signs, etc.

More Than a Dash Cam
Besides all the functions as an ordinary dash camera, the streaming media technology is a highlight. With the screen on, the dash cam displays the real-time traffic situation on the road. It provides 3 times wider view than traditional rear view. With the screen off, you can use it as a normal rear view mirror.

Broad Field of View
Sony “Starvis” front camera covers 160° field of view, waterproof rear camera covers 140° field of view. Both cameras record simultaneously once the car starts up, giving your car all-round and in-time protection.

No More Scratches When Reversing
When you shift to “r” gear, the rear view will automatically show on the screen with guide lines for easy and safe parking. (To use this function, the red wire of the rear camera should be connected to the positive pole of the reversing light)

G-sensor for Emergency Recording
In loop recording function, the dash cam is continually recording videos and overwrites the oldest one. Once any collision is detected by G-sensor, the dash cam will start record a video of 20 seconds. The video then will be locked so that it won’t be overwritten in loop recording function.

G-sensor for Parking Monitor
Secure your car at every moment. With parking monitor function enabled, if any vibration is detected by the G-Sensor, the dash cam will automatically turn on and begin recording a video of 20 seconds.

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