yt 5654 Zeblaze THOR 4 Dual Two cameras 4G sim Android 7.1.1 most powerful smartwatch - Zeblaze THOR 4 Dual (Two cameras) 4G sim Android 7.1.1 most powerful smartwatch.

Zeblaze THOR 4 Dual (Two cameras) 4G sim Android 7.1.1 most powerful smartwatch.

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This is it! The ZEBLAZE THOR 4 DUAL is here and it’s amazing. I can’t say enough about this watch. It consistently exceeds my expectations. It’s fast, responsive, has an excellent gentle bezel with edge-to-edge screen, dual cameras that switch right from the screen, a bottom button to activate the cameras with a simple press, and so much more. Being a first look, I don’t go into detail about things like the camera used for video calls, or the Antutu score and other technical data. That will come when the Banggood production version of this watch is given a full review (soon!). I do want to mention that I’m working on a massive 4G data testing video, and of all the 4G smartwatches tested so far, this THOR 4 DUAL excel in connectivity, stability, and data rate while remaining relatively cool (some others get too hot to touch!). Of course, this testing is in the USA using AT&T, so it may not be the same for your area or your carrier, but it appears they got the overall antenna design right to support solid 4G data similar to what I’m seeing in my phone. Pretty darn cool.

Original of the video here
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