yt 21240 ACER Aspire TC 865 i5 8400 Unboxing Review Benchmarks ACER Computer Desktop 2019 - ACER Aspire TC-865 i5-8400 Unboxing, Review & Benchmarks - ACER Computer Desktop 2019

ACER Aspire TC-865 i5-8400 Unboxing, Review & Benchmarks – ACER Computer Desktop 2019

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ACER desktop computer Aspire TC-865 i5-8400 review. This ACER desktop computer video is about the ACER T TC-865 i5-8400 unboxing and review. A new ACER Aspire T TC-865-NESelecti5 that I bought off of the Internet was used in this video computer desktop review. You will also see the Aspire TC-865 i5-8400 benchmarks done with CPUID CPU-Z and UserBenchMarks. See the Aspire T TC-865-NESelecti5 spec’s and benchmark performance results. Plus the ACER desktop computer unboxing done in a simple yet comprehensive video for easy viewing.

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This Acer Aspire TC-865 i5-8400 computer desktop can make for a very good mid level gaming computer. It should be able to play most games and apps smoothly without any performance slow downs as a Acer gaming computer. And no it’s not a ACER Predator gaming computer but for those who want to play games like Minecraft, Fortnite, GTA5 Grand Theft Auto V, PUBG or Apex Legends..and many more, this Aspire T TC-865 desktop gaming computer will work great for you all day and all night long.

The ACER TC-865 with Intel Core i5-8400 will be very good for gaming. The Intel i5-8400 reviews say it’s definitely a good CPU chip for gaming. I would also suggest adding additional RAM and adding a good graphics card too for even better gaming performance.

Video editing software will work great on this ACER computer desktop TC-865 Model D17E5. For example: you will be able to use Sony Vegas Pro editor with this ACER desktop. It does great with 1080p in Vegas Pro with 8GB – 16GB. However, for 4k in Vegas Pro, I believe it’s recommended that you have a CPU with 8 cores and 32GB of RAM. This ACER comes with the i5-8400 and is only 6 cores.


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