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3 Laptops Under $300 for Students (2019)

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DCON Review of 3 laptops under $300. This video is for the students out there that need a good laptop running windows 10, capable of general computing (web browsing, email, microsoft office, netflix, etc) and above all affordable.

3 laptops reviewed in this video:

11″ Acer Spin – a fantastic dual core 2-1 convertible laptop that has a wonderful keyboard, a great (albeit small) trackpad and excellent battery life. I love this laptop and it was my favorite of the 3.

14″ Asus VivoBook (L402WA) – A good dual-core laptop that has the best keyboard and trackpad of the 3 laptops and is the only laptop of the 3 that has USB type C as well. It only comes with 32gb’s so you’ll be forced to buy a 2nd hard drive or Solid-State Drive. That is the biggest negative on this laptop.

15.6″ Lenovo Ideapad – a good dual core laptop especially if you need the larger screen real estate. The larger screen has the same resolution as the other two laptops however and it shows as it has the lowest pixel density of the 3 laptops. The ideapad also has a wonderful keyboard with number pad but the trackpad is awful. It’s useable but it’s not enjoyable. This laptop does have a cd/dvd drive too if that’s your thing.

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Dave Lee – the Michael Jordan of laptop reviews…he’s great, seriously if you haven’t checked him out yet, click on the link below and Subscribe to him!

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