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Acer Nitro 5 (2019) – Best Budget Gaming Laptop | Bangla Review by Computer Mania BD

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Acer Nitro
Early History
Acer Nitro is mainly a mid-range gamer-focused brand line up for computer hardware manufactured by Acer. In Bangladesh tech market Acer predator is at first launched by Computer Mania in 2016 and the model was Nitro V15. The series is characterized by the red-hot computer chassis and high-performance computer hardware mainly built with plastic material but the built quality of these Nitro series is quite good to satisfy the gamers.
It’s a vivid display that showed off an excellent 118 percent of the sRGB color gamut, just under the desktop-replacement average of 120 percent. That was more than the Alienware’s 113 percent and the Gigabyte’s 110 percent, but then at that time, ROG’s hues are even more striking, at 124 percent of the gamut.
Sound System
The speakers on the Nitro Black Edition pack a serious punch. When users enjoyed music with the Nitro’s speakers in a small bedroom it got loud quickly, filling up the room with drums and keys. The bass, guitars, and vocals came through clearly as well, providing balanced sound. The Nitro 5’s built-in speakers are surprisingly good for a budget gaming laptop, boasting relatively robust, dynamic sound nothing a set of dedicated speakers couldn’t do better, mind you, but not bad compared to the tinny audio you commonly get from laptop speakers. I was pleased by the delicate crunch of snow and ambient forest sounds in Rising of the Tomb Raider, as well as the glorious cacophony of exploding demons in Diablo 3. You can sweeten the audio with Dolby sound processing as well as crank up the volume to impressively loud levels, handy for drowning out the Nitro 5’s roaring fans.

CPU performance
CPU that powers the Nitro 5 marks the first AMD RYZEN 5-3550H chip to boast Hyper-Threading, a feature that serves up two threads per processor core. This allows the quad-core to deliver eight threads of processing power. While few current games take advantage of Hyper-Threading (a feature that was formerly found only in Core i7 CPUs), it’ll still come in handy for multitasking gamers who (for example) want to stream while they shoot.
GPU Option
While the Nitro 5’s AMD RYZEN 5-3550H CPU qualifies as cutting-edge, it’s RADEON RX 560X graphics card while by no means a slouch sits near the bottom of Nvidia’s GeForce 10 Series line. As we’ll see in a bit, that means crushing gamers’ dreams of silky-smooth frame rates at Ultra settings. Still, bargain hunters who can live with something closer to 30 fps can crank up their graphics settings all the way.

Form Factor
There’s nothing small about Acer’s Nitro 5 budget gaming laptops, and this new Ryzen version is no exception. Measuring a fairly bulky 15.4 x 10.5 x 1 inches and tilting the scales at a hefty 5.4 pounds, the Nitro 5 barely squeezes into my 15-inch laptop backpack. It’s as heavy as it looks, too, although, to be fair, that’s more in comparison to a mainstream laptop than to a gaming laptop, where hefty is the norm. Pack in the charging cord and power brick (and yes, you’ll need them, given the Nitro 5’s relatively meager battery life), and you’ll wind up with a more than 6.5 pounds of hardware to lug around.
From the user’s point of view in recent years, most specifically in 2019, Acer’s Nitro series laptops are the top-notch budget-friendly gaming laptops which are pretty good to fight his other rivals but I am pretty sure this Nitro series already owned the hearts of many gamers by providing good output within its budget-friendly pricing.

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