yt 19531 Acer predator triton 900 Review Most Powerful Laptop First Time in Bangladesh - Acer predator triton 900 Review Most Powerful Laptop First Time in Bangladesh

Acer predator triton 900 Review Most Powerful Laptop First Time in Bangladesh

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Acer Predator Triton 900|4K Gaming
This is actually the acer predator triton 900 a flip gaming laptop powered by 4K visuals RTX 2080 graphics and some serious overclocking creds. In fact it’s kind of and alien spacecraft that even really fit in any ordinary backpack! It’s an absolute monster first up there is no getting around it.
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This thing has a serious heft at 4.5 kilos that the triton 900 can kill an elephant and I’m not talking about a baby elephant either. I’m taking about a proper full-on adult. Even the power adapter provided by this laptop is actually heavier than a normal brick. Still the metal chassis is solid in every area and supports some rather unique design like this semi-transparent panel house just above the keyboard and at one point you can actually see clear through the laptop which gives you kind of pc chassis feel! This bossy predator triton 900 is amazingly thin at 9.94 inches which I guess technically is true but good luck fitting this laptop in anything but most mammoth sized backpacks. On the back end you get HDMI 2.0 and display port action for hooking up external monitors alongside that side mounted USB Thunderbolt C 3.0 port and you will get three full-sized USB ports including one that’s currently hidden away out of sight. Purpose of this hidden port most probably in using wireless mouse or x-box controller and we can find Ethernet port as for smooth LAN gaming if you need so.
We all know Computer Mania Bangladesh are always prepared to provide their customers with top notch and latest released products as soon as possible. In case of Acre Predator Triton 900 is not an exception. In our review unit this beast right here is the core i9 (9980HK) model complete with 32 (2666MHz) gigs of RAM and of course you get a nice bit of NVDIA GeForce RTX-2080 with 8 gigs of VRAM. The display itself is 17.3 inch UHD 4k touch panel.
So as you expect performance is rather pretty good on it no matter which game you are blasting your way through and the chassis also thankfully remains cool while gaming. In case if you need more muscle you can actually overclock the triton 900 CPU and GPU by just tapping the turbo button up on the top. When you tap the turbo button fourth generation Aero blade cooling system really kicks into gear. As far as the noise levels go its’s like as a jet engine at a wage war but you know what as far as the effectiveness is concerned there’s definitely no complains. Those duel fans whose mechanics are apparently can whip that pesky hot air away with impressive effectiveness so the triton does not get troublesome toasty at any points even under the extreme stress of overclocking. There’s no denying the effectiveness of the overclocking either as witnessed in some benchmark tests as well. With the recommended graphics setting scoring we saw are pretty solid at 4K. Jacking up all the setting to max level we see impressive scores as well but at switching on the turbo button things improves a lot. At 3D mark test it also beats most of the 4K gaming machines and this performance is helped along by the speedy duel SSDs in raid 0 formation which totaled one terabyte crystal discs return read results over 3500 megabytes per second while the rite speed was over 3100 megabytes per second. Acer’s 17inch 4k IPS really is a thing of beauty making the absolute most of that RTX GPU as you expect detail level are absolutely superb as is the color range 100% of the SRGB and the Adobe RGB commits which is particularly great news if you are a Netflix addict or you need media edition on the go and you can get the full support from the ray tracing which gives you next generation visual effects.
The bonus thing is that you can put the display in any orientation for kicking back with some Netflix or whatever. You can even convert the triton 900 into a kind of tablet mode if that suits you for you need. And from this you can guess this is a touch laptop with 4k which is very hard to find at gaming machines.
As for the battery life while gaming laptops aren’t exactly known for their longevity but this thing has all the steam power that just 50 minutes of gaming is enough to fully drain the triton 900 from 100% to zero. So, basically you have to plugged it in permanently while gaming. Personally I’m not a huge fan of the triton 900’s keyboard. You get full mechanical switch but the travel is incredibly shallow. When I’m typing I have to hit some of the keys really hard for them to actually register. For gaming you might want to connect you own board if you have a dedicated favorite. Of course you do get full backlighting on that keyboard with total control over each individual key.

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