yt 15162 ASUS Vivobook 15 Review 2019 Sleek And Elegant Budget Laptop - ASUS Vivobook 15 Review 2019! - Sleek And Elegant Budget Laptop!

ASUS Vivobook 15 Review 2019! – Sleek And Elegant Budget Laptop!

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Hello Guys and Today I’m going to show you my review of the ASUS Vivobook 15! The ASUS Vivobook 15 is a new budget to mid-range entry from ASUS in there very popular Vivobook lineup and this is yet another premium looking and feeling laptop that you can buy without breaking the bank. The Vivobook 15 is basically still in the same lines as the S lineup in terms of there approach and market and that is in my opinion a good thing for them as well as the customers as there is more demand for laptops in that category. With this laptop, you get a premium looking build, a good display for $500 and some really solid performance that you can’t go wrong with. There are still downsides and some cuts in some things which I will discuss later in the video but I do think that this model especially at $500 gives some great value. There are other models available that give more performance and better specs but the main components will be the same on all and the one I have is the cheapest of the bunch. So in this video, I’m going to be going over all the main components and aspects of the laptop including build quality and design, port selection and input, keyboard and trackpad, sound, display, performance, thermals and battery life and give a final verdict based on that.

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Specs Of The Laptop:
AMD Ryzen 5-3500U CPU
AMD Radeon Vega 8 GPU
Windows 10
15.6″ Full HD LCD Display

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