yt 2554 Chuwi Ubook Laptop Laptop Notebook Important FAQ Not a Review - Chuwi Ubook Laptop Laptop (Notebook) - Important FAQ (Not a Review)

Chuwi Ubook Laptop Laptop (Notebook) – Important FAQ (Not a Review)

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Hi, in this video I have talked about the important frequently asked questions of the newly launched Chuwi Ubook Laptop Notebook. Kindly note that it is not a review. I have also provided an alternative notebook to Chuwi Ubook Laptop Laptop, check that as well.

Following are some of the questions I have made in this video:

1. Does it have fingerprint scanner?
2. What is the custom duty or import tax?
3. Does it have USB Type-C port or connector?
4. Is the display comes with Corning Gorilla Glass protection?
5. Is the operating system Windows, Linux or Free DOS?
6. Does it have 4G SIM card slot for internet on the go?
7. Does the laptop have RJ45 connector?
8. DOes it have HDMI port?
9. Is the laptop keyboard backlit?
10. Does it have a dedicated graphics card?
And much more…

In case if you have any questions do ask in the comments below.

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