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Item review – Naju N5 Laptop Cooling Pad

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====================This is a video review I made about a #USB cooling pad for laptops.
Here are several links to purchase this item online:
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The brand: Naju (or Na Ju)
The model: N5

The pros:
– Ok price (I could find cheaper ones, but not with 5 cooling fans and their design and reviews were horrible).
– Fits perfectly to the size of my 15.6” laptop
– Arrived quickly (it took exactly 3 weeks from the day I ordered it, to my country which is well known for the slow post office service).
– Not as noisy as I was afraid it would be (it is not 100% noise free, I think it is tolerable, but I do not have any indication for that so it might become a problem in the future).

The cons:
– Not balanced, when I put this on flat surface two diagonal edges move a bit (you can see that in the video)

Here is the description of the item:
5 Fan 2 USB Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad Base Notebook Cooler Computer USB Fan Stand For Laptop PC Strengthen Edition Video

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