yt 14397 MacBook Pro 2019 review Apples latest laptop is very easy to recommend - MacBook Pro 2019 review - Apple's latest laptop is very easy to recommend

MacBook Pro 2019 review – Apple’s latest laptop is very easy to recommend

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MacBook Pro 2019 review – Apple’s latest laptop is very easy to recommendTHE entry-level MacBook Pro has had a big reboot with more features, improved screen and better performance – here’s our full MacBook Pro 2019 review.Apple is back with a refreshed MacBook Pro and it’s what many fans of these iconic laptops have been desperately waiting for.The big upgrade comes to the firm’s entry-level machine which means users get all the goodies of a top-end Pro at a much more affordable price.In fact, this £1,299 Mac now offers some of the best value-for-money ever seen from has been using the new Pro for the past few weeks and there’s definitely plenty of reasons to head right out and buy one.First of all, you still get the stunning aluminium design that’s put Apple at the top of its class with this new machine offering a style and durability that’s almost impossible to beat.Although Apple hasn’t changed the look in this latest upgrade, the new MacBook Pro is just as beautiful as when it first launched.The solid aluminium case oozes class and its supreme build quality should help it cope with the perils of life on the road.Design is still an area where Apple excels and there’s elements of the MacBook Pro that may seem trivial but should be applauded.This portable PC is light yet balanced to perfection which makes it ideal for long periods of use on your lap.And there’s still that joy of being able to use one finger to open the screen – something that only becomes noticeable once you’ve tried to perform the same task on one of its rivals.Although the overall look hasn’t been updated, there’s plenty of extra features that make this an exciting proposition.Firstly, Apple has boosted the internal performance with an 8th-generation 1.4GHz Intel i5 quad-core processor now powering this machine.These updated brains will easily cope with the needs of most users and we’ve had no issues putting it through some more taxing tasks such as Photoshop and basic video


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