yt 22772 MaxOak K3 36000mah MacBook Laptop USB C Battery Power Bank Review - MaxOak K3 36000mah MacBook Laptop USB-C Battery Power Bank Review

MaxOak K3 36000mah MacBook Laptop USB-C Battery Power Bank Review

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Here is a quick review of a MaxOak K3 36000mah laptop charging battery bank (See link below). I have been asked by people how they can charge their laptops and MacBooks when travelling so I thought I would do a review of this Maxoak K3 battery bank.
The MaxOax K3 36000mah battery bank is capable of providing a 12v-20v output which can fully recharge Apple MacBooks (up to 60w) 1.5 – 2.5x along with USB C powered laptops as well as standard USB charging power to other devices.
I have always packed a battery bank when going on camping trips since a leisure battery died on a trip in 2018 meaning there was no in-van entertainment for 2 nights, this device would have saved the day. This MaxOak K3 battery bank has a lithium polymer battery meaning it has a power discharge cycle of over 1000 times without damage and it can recharge iPhones and iPads multiple times without needing a recharge The MaxOak K3 can also be used to charge devices while plugged in, providing a secondary mains household charger as an added bonus.
MaxOak K3 Battery Bank:
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