yt 3483 MSI GL63 8SE Real Review Cheapest RTX Laptop in Nepal - MSI GL63 8SE Real Review: Cheapest RTX Laptop in Nepal

MSI GL63 8SE Real Review: Cheapest RTX Laptop in Nepal

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Check out if the cheapest RTX Gaming laptop from MSI is worth it in our MSI GL63 8SE Review.

This is the first RTX Laptop that I’ve received to review, the MSI GL63 8SE, yeah that’s quite a long name. Actually, this laptop is an upgrade to the GL63 LineUp and this also happens to be one of the first RTX laptops to make it into Nepal along with the MSI’s GE and GS series.
There are not many RTX laptops in Nepal right now, I’ve only seen the MSI onesBTW its also the cheapest of the Bunch and this will cost you whooping 2 lakhs 12 Thousand. That is equal to 1860 USD. So, let’s see if the MSI GL 63 8SE is worth the money or not.

The Laptop uses a similar chassis to the MSI GL 63 8RC. And this is quite a well-built laptop, the keyboard deck uses plastic, the bottom is also plastic and everything else is plastic, the only thing aluminum is this top lid. And this is quite a well-built laptop, it feels solid and durable. There’s no real flex in the chassis or the keyboard deck, there’s some flex on the screen but its kind of not that noticeable. Overall it feels really solid, but when you look at it it is not that appealing mostly because of its matte finish and the color kind of looks washed out and faded. It looks kind of dirty even when it’s new, so yeah when you look at it it’s not the best but it is pretty solid though. And also the way they’ve built this laptop, it certainly not light and thin, it is just robust.
So its really easy to get in this laptop, well I won’t be getting in because this is not my laptop. Well, there are 10 screws, and once you’re in you will access to the two nvme SSD, your RAM, and your standard stuff.
The port selection is quite good, you have ethernet, HDMI, mini display port, USB 3 Gen 2, USB type c and headphone jack over here
And the SD card, and USB 3 Gen 1 over here.
But it’s sad that the UBS type C doesn’t support Thunderbolt 3, except that I’m satisfied with the port selection is very nice on this laptop.

Alright, getting on the inside; the screen 15-inch screen 1080p 60HZ, Yeah that is really disappointing. For 2 lakhs 12 thousand, this screen really doesn’t justify the price tag. And the color is not good as well. The official website claims that it has 93% NTSC coverage, but I think that its true for the 144HZ version of this laptop, this 60HZ TN panel is I think same as the panel on the older GL 63 8RC, its really bad, if you’re a content creator and really need something with good color accuracy, this laptop will not serve you that well. You will notice the color shift pretty easy, the screen gets pretty bright but the color reproduction is really below par. My predator Helios 300 has a better screen and this costs only 1 lakh 24 thousand.

Well but the keyboard is really nice on this laptop and that is to be expected from MSI. They use the SteelSeries keyboard and they are always good. The keys are solid, the key travel is really adequate, the buttons don’t feel mushy, well it’s not quite clicky but the response and the feedback from the keyboard is really nice. And also the keyboard is backlit but its only red you cannot change it to another color.

The overall layout is also quite good, but one thing you may not like is the windows key, its shifted to the other side than normal, and this is normal for MSI laptops and I actually like this, this kind of prevents the accidental touches on the windows key. You’ll get used to this keyboard quite quickly. But the trackpad is a plastic surface, I don’t love that and for this price tag this trackpad is really bad, the tracking itself feels really weird and doesn’t feel accurate whatsoever, and these buttons don’t have really good feedback, like if I click here then I don’t feel like I’m even clicking this thing and it feels very weird. This actually uses the Microsoft precision drivers and you get all of those gestures but the trackpad really feels cheap and I think it should have been better for this price tag.

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