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MSI GL63 8SE Review The Cheap & Best RTX Gaming Laptop | UnReveal Trending

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The GL63 8SE laptop is a gaming machine and the presence of the RTX 2060 graphics card readily cues that. But before we dive into MSI GL63 8SE gaming review, let’s start the things with the MSI GL63 8SE specifications.

The laptop comes with a 15.6-inch TN panel. On the resolution front, the MSI GL63 8SE display is enriched with Full-HD resolution. Although the contents on the screen look decently sharp, the viewing angles are not that great. You will see severe color shifts at sharp angles, so, if you’re consuming media, make sure the viewing angles are right. Also, the colors appear a bit washed out. So it may not please you much if you are a content creator. If you are planning to buy MSI GL63 8SE for video editing, you should stop going that way. With the less color accurate display and low viewing angles, using the MSI GL63 8SE for editing can create a ton of problems. So we have also harshly criticized the device’s display in this MSI GL63 8SE review.

Continuing with the MSI GL63 review, let’s head on to the performance now. The laptop has got a Hexa-core 8th-gen i7-8750H processor. Now, this is something we’ve seen in a bunch of high-end laptops, so, let’s not go on about it. This is a great processor, and it does not bottleneck the graphics setup in any way. Combined with 16 GB of RAM, and NVMe storage, normal performance is as good as it gets. We also did quite intensive gaming tests on this MSI GL63 8SE laptop review. And here are the frame rates on different Triple A games:
MSI GL63 8SE PUBG: 107
MSI GL63 8SE Battlefield V: 98
MSI GL63 8SE Fortnite: 110
MSI GL63 8SE FIFA 19: 187
MSI GL63 8SE Witcher 3: 61
MSI GL63 8SE Shadow of the Tomb Raider: 66
MSI GL63 8SE Battlefield 5: 98

So as far as the MSI GL63 8SE RTX laptop review goes, we were absolutely delighted with the gaming performance. And the frame rates on the various games mentioned above says it all. All it’s possible due to the RTX 2060 graphics card with its enhance gaming and ray tracing capabilities.

Continuing with the MSI GL63 8SE specifications, the phone gets all its juice from its 53Wh battery. And talking about the MSI GL63 8SE battery life, it’s really frustrating. The laptop only backed me for two and half hours on the normal use, which reduced to merely one hour while gaming. The MSI GL63 8SE price is $1500 and at this price, the battery life is absolutely bummer.

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