yt 16522 Origin EVO16 S Review 16 Slim Light Gaming Laptop - Origin EVO16-S Review - 16" Slim & Light Gaming Laptop

Origin EVO16-S Review – 16″ Slim & Light Gaming Laptop

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===================Lisa Gade reviews the slim and light Origin PC EVO16-S gaming and pro apps laptop. It has a 16.1” display vs. the usual 15.6”, and it’s a 144Hz IPS display. The 4.6 lb. / 2.08 kg notebook PC has the Intel 9th gen, 6-core i7-9750H processor and your choice of NVIDIA RTX 2060, 2070 Max-Q and 2080 Max-Q graphics (we have the 2080 MQ for this review). Based on a Clevo chassis, the machine is customized, sold and supported by Origin PC in the US. It has an M.2 SSD NVMe SSD slot, a 2.5” drive bay and 2 RAM slots. You can build to order with a variety of premium drive and RAM brands. As with our review loaner, you can get a personalized HD UV resistant image print on the lid. Pricing starts around $1,800.

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