yt 20049 REVIEW BenQ ScreenBar Lite Laptop LED Lamp Light - REVIEW: BenQ ScreenBar Lite, Laptop LED Lamp Light!

REVIEW: BenQ ScreenBar Lite, Laptop LED Lamp Light!

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Auto dimming: thanks to the built-in ambient light sensor, screen Bar Lite e-reading light lamp adjusts the brightness level automatically and instantly. It can be manually dimmable with the touch sensor control.
Space saving: clip makes the attachment onto laptop easy and stable. No need for screws or tape that damage screen.
Screen glare free: screen Bar Lite e-reading light lamp has an asymmetrical Optical design that only illuminates the desk and ensures zero reflective glare off the screen.
Usb powered: any USB outlet can power the screen Bar Lite e-reading light lamp. Once turn it on, screen Bar Lite resumes your last used brightness and color temperature settings to welcome you back.
Mood lighting: Adjustable color temperature increases focus and comfort. Warm light lets you relax and replenishes your energy. Cool light allows you to concentrate and boosts work efficiency.

USB Powered Lamp
Whether it is a laptop, phone charger or power bank, any USB outlet can power the ScreenBar Lite e-Reading Lamp.

Screenbar SmartLite App
Perfectly Balancing Ambient Light, Screen Brightness, and ScreenBar Settings.

A built-in light sensor can read environmental brightness and automatically give you more light while reading. Simultaneously, the exclusive ScreenBar SmartLite app will adjust the laptop’s screen brightness according to the ambient light, giving you the ideally lit workspace.

Patented Asymmetrical Projection
An innovative Obtuse-Angled Projection (OAP) design precisely the light to the ideal place within your workspace without any glare on the screen. By using high illumination efficiency and minimizing wasted energy. ScreenBar Lite only uses 5W to produce the perfect illumination for a laptop workspace.

One Second, Worry-Free Setup
By using durable materials such as a aluminum alloy and thick rubber, you can set-up or put away ScreenBar Lite quickly and easily without any damage or wear to your laptop.

Adjustable Color Temperature
All eight colors are compliant with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) LED lighting chromaticity standard.

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