yt 15861 Reviews LED LCD Panel Tester Tool For TV Laptop Computer Repair With 55 Prog - Reviews LED LCD Panel Tester Tool For TV Laptop Computer Repair With 55 Prog...

Reviews LED LCD Panel Tester Tool For TV Laptop Computer Repair With 55 Prog…

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The panel tester is a general repair tool and are widely used to check panel problem (from 7 inches to 84 inches).You can use this panel tester to test AUO,CHIMEI,INNOLUX,SAMSUNG,LG etc panel .It’s really good tool to check the panel.A necessary tool for people who offer TV computer repair with 55 kinds of programs and 12 test pictures.
This panel tester is easy to operate and features 55 kinds of LCD screen resolutions which help you know panel problem easily.It is safe with over current and short-circuit protection function.Come in handy,easy to carry.
Fast and Efficient!With help of this panel tester,you can know the panel problems easily and it is easy to operate with English instruments.Save Time! Save money!
Buy 1 get 14 pieces of screen cables free,which also comes with a new 12V AC power adapter and 1 piece of CCFL backlight lamp inverter.
Detailed information about the 14 pcs of screen cables:FIX-30-S8 ;FIX-30-S6;FIX-30-D6 power on the left;FIX-30-D6 power on the right;FIX-D8-30P power on the left;FIX-D8-30P power on the right;DF14-D8-20P;DF14-D6-20P;FI-RE51P-S8 power on the left;FI-RE51P-S8 power on the right;FFC-FIX30-D8 power on the left;FFC-FIX30-D8 power on the right;20453-40P-D6;20453-40P-S6
The LED LCD screen tester are getting more refined with new hardware driver and software programs. 1.Easy and convenient to operate,there is a built-in procedure with 55 kinds of Lvds screen resolutions. 2.With digital number display indicator,you can choose corresponding resolution by swifting button. 3.Make screen line in proper position and prevent driver board from damage with LCD power supply short circuit protection function.The digital number display indicator will show flickering ’00’ and buzzer will sound if the screen line is short-circuited. The digital number display indicator will return to normal after removing short circuit.(More than 10 minutes’ short circuit is not allowed). 4.There are instruments on the board, so the method of using screen tester is more understandable. 5.There are a variety of built-in standardized testing charts ,powerful and applicable. 6.The screen will show external VGA input signal when plug external VGA line. 7.Supporting to test LCD and LED screen with LVDS Interface from 7 inches to 84 inches 8.Suitable for eDP interface LCD screen test with all kinds of resolutions. Attention:Please make sure power supply ,screen line and resolution is proper before you use Lcd Led screen tester. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.We have professional technician to support you.

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