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Asus ROG Phone 2 | Mashable SEA reviews

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Gaming phones are still a new breed of smartphones. It has the performance of flagship devices with a little extra that enhances you mobile gaming experience. The ROG Phone 2 is one of them, packed with features.

It’s nice that ASUS did not go over-the-top with the phone’s design. It simple, subtle, and doesn’t look like a full-blown gaming device. It might have a LED logo on the back, but it can also act as a notification indicator. But the screen is not so simple.

It’s an 120hz display which allows you to play games in a smooth 120 frames. The best part: It’s an AMOLED display which means you won’t be sacrificing color reproduction for higher frame rates.

ASUS also claims that the screen response to your touch and swipes faster than any other phone which will benefit your gaming.


Daily usage is simple smooth, fast, and crash-free. This is probably thanks to its Snapdragon 855+ processor with a combination of 12GB of RAM. The combination does an excellent job in keeping apps active which will greatly benefit multitasking.

Even gaming is superb, Shadowgun Legends, PUBG Mobile, Asphalt 9, and COD Mobile runs super smooth and with the combination of the AirTiggers, you won’t have to run to the phone accessory shop and buy cheap triggers.

However, with Asphalt 9, it heats up the phone to high temperatures, which makes it uncomfortable to hold. The phone comes with the AeroActive Cooler but it cools down the surface of the phone and doesn’t help much with Asphalt 9.

The ROG Phone 2 also comes with a rare commodity, a headphone jack.


Cameras are probably the best in any gaming smartphone. It has a 48MP main sensor and a 13MP wide-angle lens. Pictures come out detailed and the colors are pretty good. Even night mode impressed us with low lost of details and reduced noise.

The wide angle lens has some wrapping but nothing too obvious.

The 24MP selfie camera, on the other hand, needs some work. Images are washed out and there is a forced beautification which doesn’t seem to have an off button.

Battery life has been amazing and it has a 6,000mAh battery, probably the biggest in any smartphone. Normal usage will leave you with 81% of battery life and heavy gaming 31%.

You can even charge another phone via the use port on the ROG Phone 2 effectively making it a powerbank for your friends.

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