yt 10345 Google Pixel 3a Review The Best 400 Phone You Can Buy In The U.S - Google Pixel 3a Review: The Best $400 Phone You Can Buy (In The U.S.)

Google Pixel 3a Review: The Best $400 Phone You Can Buy (In The U.S.)

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Attention, people who love tech porn! People who start their phone shopping at the spec sheet! People who know what a “Snapdragon” is!

This video is not for you.

And neither is this phone.

What it is … is the Google Pixel 3a. And if you live in the U.S., it’s the best phone $400 can buy in 2019. Join me for the Google Pixel 3a review to find out why I’m so excited for this phone … even though it’s so obviously not built for people like me.



MrMobile’s Pixel 3a Review video was produced following 22 days with a Google Pixel 3a review device provided by Google at Google I/O 2019. Preproduction device running retail software.

Google provided travel and lodging reimbursement to some members of the media for Google I/O 2019, MrMobile included. No production compensation was requested or received, and no copy approval was granted.


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Google Pixel 3a XL [Amazon]:

Thanks to Joshua Vergara for coining the term “palate cleanser” to refer to the Google Pixel 3a. Check out his unboxing and first thoughts at JVTechTea:


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