yt 3743 MODALITY 2.0 Four Button Alternative Keyboard for Phones and AndroidWearOS Smartwatches - MODALITY 2.0 Four Button Alternative Keyboard for Phones and Android/WearOS Smartwatches

MODALITY 2.0 Four Button Alternative Keyboard for Phones and Android/WearOS Smartwatches

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MODALITY WATCH 2.0 from Google Play Store:
Have a look at their full tutorial here:
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The Modality Keyboard 2.0 is a creative endeavor to provide an easy to use alternative to the standard QWERTY keyboard found on smart phones and smartwatches. It divides the 26 letter alphabet into four categories and places them on four primary keys. The distribution is intuitively obvious and easy to remember with letters that have only lines and no curves making up two keys, those with only curves, like O and S, on another key, and letters with a mix, like B and R, on a fourth key. The all lines only letters are separated into two groupings, tthose with only up and down or left/right lines, like E and T, assigned to one key and those with slanted straight lines, like A and W, relegated to the most prominent key, since most letters are like this.

In today’s video you learn how to install an setup this alternative keyboard on a phone, then see how it works on the phone, on a square smartwatch and, finally, on a round Android watch. If you’re looking for a simple way to enter text on your smartwatch, this keyboard may be for you. The version seen here is optimized for phones, but a version is coming that will be focused on round smartwatches. A WearOS version is already under development.

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