The Unexpected Decision of Miss Universe Candidates

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Due to the last information, some members of the beauty contest decided not to leave the Philippines for a week.

The girls explain their choice by the will to explore the country’s beauty, to take the tour of new places and visit different sightseeing. By the way, girls wanted to celebrate their titles together. It is also known that one candidate, whose name is Maxine Medina refused to join young women and went home with her family.

What is more, in social networks girls show how great their relax is. For instance, Carolyn Carter and Johanna Acs pointed out that they are in Palawan and, moreover, they are spending an amazing time there. The second young woman wrote that she has found paradise on the earth. She advises each person to visit that wonderful place. So, the girls do not regret that they decided to stay.

The other girls do not lose their time too. Miss Israel is deriving pleasure in Boracay. Her posts on Instagram are really charming. Miss New Zealand also is enjoying the Cebu’s picturesque views.

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