yt 1009 Alldocube M8 Review 8 Dual SIM LTE Android 8 Tablet - Alldocube M8 Review 8" Dual SIM LTE Android 8 Tablet

Alldocube M8 Review 8″ Dual SIM LTE Android 8 Tablet

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Alldocube M8 review and unboxing. A $130 Android 8 tablet that can make calls, text and supports dual SIM LTE. It’s also got FM radio and GPS. Official page: ( ( (AliExpress)


00:42 – What’s in the box
00:58 – Build & design
02:19 – Screen
03:05 – ROM & benchmarks
04:42 – Voice calls
05:26 – Battery life test
06:19 – Real-world performance
07:57 – eBooks & PDFs
09:07 – Video streaming
09:21 – Audio
10:14 – Gaming
11:13 – Webcam sample
11:35 – Final words
11:48 – Pros & Cons

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