yt 526 Google Pixel Slate Review The Future Of Tablets Isnt Here Yet - Google Pixel Slate Review: The Future Of Tablets (Isn't Here Yet)

Google Pixel Slate Review: The Future Of Tablets (Isn’t Here Yet)

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I don’t like to dogpile. When something gets a slew of negative reviews I sometimes like to let it “breathe” for a couple weeks if my schedule permits, hoping that a software update will land that will permit me to give a more accurate review (or just provide a different level of insight than everyone else). But after two months with the Google Pixel Slate, it seems that all the other reviews I’ve read have been spot-on: this device is trying to be both tablet and laptop, and it’s really not great at either one. This is MrMobile’s Google Pixel Slate Long-Term Review.



MrMobile’s Google Pixel Slate Review was produced following two months with a Pixel Slate review device provided by Google. The device was updated multiple times during the review period and the final review software version was Chrome OS 71.0.3578.127.


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