yt 16587 Huion Tablet Review Inspiroy H1161 SPEEDPAINT - Huion Tablet Review | Inspiroy H1161 [+SPEEDPAINT]

Huion Tablet Review | Inspiroy H1161 [+SPEEDPAINT]

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I’ve been so so excited to post this since it was a lot of fun using and reviewing this tablet.
Thanks again to Huion for this opportunity!

(And also excuse how unprofessional I am when it comes to recording videos or my voice LMAO)

If you guys want to get your own tablet just like mine, then click this link to buy your own!

DeviantART: Frossiilu
Tumblr: Frossilu
Instagram: Frossilu

Commission are open!…
Can message me via discord or instagram if don’t have deviantART.

I use Paint XP, Adobe Animate and Paint tool SAI to draw/animate and Premiere Pro to edit.

Original of the video here
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