yt 15486 strocit plus tablet uses side effect full review in hindi passichamp - strocit plus tablet | uses & side effect | full review in hindi ~ passichamp

strocit plus tablet | uses & side effect | full review in hindi ~ passichamp

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strocit plus tablet | uses & side effect | full review in hindi

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In this video we will talk about a drug group named nootropic as piracetam and citicholine. Actually they are called as smart drugs in worldwide. So here in this video i have explain about #strocitplus #strocitplustablet #smartdrug i have given a review about this tablet in which citicholine piracetam is used. Piracetam is called aa smart drug. And citicholine is know as brain booster. In this video i have told about its brand name, its price rate, composition, hows its works & heals, how to take, its dosage and its iside effects. That mean i have given full detail about that medicine. Also tell about #dementia #alzheimersdisease #dyslexia #epilepsy #stroke vertigo head trauma, lazy eyes, glaucoma, parkisons disease, down syndrome, memory loss in aged people like disease hows its help in recovering and healing.. I have been explain what it do in our body. But before taking this medicine plesse consult your doctor first.
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Content Cover
Strocit गोली के फायदे
याददाश्त बढाने की दवा
दिमाग की ताकत बढाने की गोली
Medicine for mind
दिमाग तेज करने की दवाई
Medicine for mind
Dimag ko sharp Karen ki medicine
alzheimers disease
Parkinson’s disease
Down syndrome
Lazy eyes (Amblobia)
Head trauma
Side effects of Piracetam
Side effects of Citicholine
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