yt 10633 Sysmarts G6 Pro 7 Inch Gaming Tablet Review - Sysmarts G6 Pro 7 Inch "Gaming" Tablet Review

Sysmarts G6 Pro 7 Inch “Gaming” Tablet Review

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Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Search for a gaming tablet on Amazon and this will likely come up first. The $259 tablet has a great screen and a cool looking case, but you shouldn’t always judge a book by its cover. See more tablets: and subscribe !

00:55 – Hardware Overview
00:57 – Price
01:22 – Display
01:41 – Weight
01:58 – Processor
02:26 – RAM
02:30 – Storage
02:33 – Battery Life
02:43 – Cellular Compatability
03:12 – SIM Card & Micro SD Tray
03:21 – Ports
04:00 – Android Version / Security Updates
04:37 – Camera
05:06 – Weird Android Skin
05:49 – Stolen boot-up image
06:12 – Performance: YouTube
06:37 – Web Browsing
07:14 – Gaming: Goat Simulator
07:47 – Gaming: PacMan 264
07:57 – Gaming: PUBG
08:13 – Gaming: Fortnite Incompatibility
08:20 – Gaming: Nintendo 64 Emulation
08:45 – Gaming: Playstation 1 Emulation
08:57 – Gaming: 16-Bit Emulation
09:33 – 3dMark Slingshot Benchmark
09:50 – Final Thoughts

The 7″ 1920×1200 display looks great and it’s far and away the best hardware feature on the tablet. Super sharp text and graphics and excellent viewing angles.

But the choice of processor hinders its overall performance, putting this tablet at the lower end of the performance spectrum. While most casual games ran just fine they’ll also run just fine on a cheap Fire Tablet or Nook. Just looking like a gaming device doesn’t make it so.

Fortnite is a no-go here because the tablet is running a 32 bit version of Android. A Nintendo Switch will be a much better buy.

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