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Apple TV Plus | Apple Channels | Future of Streaming??

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Apple announced several new services today at their California based event. Included in those are Apple TV Channels and Apple TV Plus.

Apple TV Channels
This is the hub many people have been waiting for that can seemingly allow you to log in your existing TV service content providers from one place. Apple wants to be that place, so it upgraded its TV app and will now include it on smart TVs and through Roku and FireTV devices.

You can now add in your cable or satellite TV subscription, premium channel standalone apps like HBO, Showtime, CBS All Access, etc., and access your iTunes library of movies all in the same place.

Apple TV Plus — The Streaming Subscription
Apple didn’t announce an official launch date or price — lame.
We know it’s coming in fall 2019, though.
It’s rumored to cost approximately $15/mo.
Apple has spent $1B on original content over the last year, and has contracted with some big names (Oprah, Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams, and more) so we expect great content.

Apple also announced that it will add 300+ magazines to it’s news app and charge $9.99 for Apple News

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