yt 23166 LG B9 OLED TV Review An OLED Bargain or are you better going with the C9 - LG B9 OLED TV Review | An OLED Bargain or are you better going with the C9?

LG B9 OLED TV Review | An OLED Bargain or are you better going with the C9?

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The LG B9 is the entry-level OLED TV in the 2019 range and while it uses the same panel as the higher models, it also has Alpha 7 Gen 2 processor instead of the higher level Alpha 9 Gen 2. This means it has slightly less processing power compared to the C9 and E9 but it also costs much less as a result, however, it does incorporate deep learning AI technology to improve performance.

The B9 doesn’t lack in features and has full HDMI 2.1 connections and will playback Dolby Vision, HLG and HDR10 HDR formats with Dynamic Tone Mapping for HDR10 along with Dolby Atmos sound decoding. There is no support for HDR10+ so it doesn’t offer the same flexibility as OLEDs from Philips and Panasonic in 2019.

So, can the entry-level OLED screen offer the same performance as its bigger brothers for less, or are you better saving up and going for the C9 instead? Let’s find out.

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