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LG SM8600 TV Review –

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Hands-on review of the LG SM8600 HDR TV

The LG SM8600 is a good UHD IPS TV with decent picture quality, excellent response time, and very low input lag that’ll please gamers. In this review, we compare it to the LG SK8000, Sony X850F, and Samsung RU8000.

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It has decent SDR peak brightness and is more suitable for average-lit rooms where blacks don’t matter as much; the good reflection handling minimizes distracting reflections. As an IPS panel, the SM8600 has wide viewing angles and is great for wide seating arrangements. Unfortunately, blacks look more like gray in a dark room due to the low contrast ratio and the inefficient local dimming. HDR isn’t that great either, as the TV can’t get very bright in HDR to display bright highlights as it should.

Model tested: 55” (55SM8600)
Should also be valid for the 49” (49SM8600), 65” (65SM8600) and 75” (75SM8600)
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Design (01:08)
Inputs (01:48)
Thermal (02:19)
Picture Quality (02:19)
Contrast (02:34)
Local Dimming (02:57)
Viewing Angle (03:17)
Reflections (03:34)
Peak Brightness (03:53)
Gray Uniformity (04:44)
Color Volume & Gamut (05:26)
Response Time (05:56)
Black Frame Insertion (06:30)
Input Lag (06:45)
Smart Features & Remote (07:16)
TVs Comparison (07:55)
Conclusion (09:14)

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