yt 18688 QNAP TVS 872N Review The Best Value NAS Storage for Mac and PC in 2019 - QNAP TVS-872N Review  - The Best Value NAS Storage for Mac and PC in 2019

QNAP TVS-872N Review – The Best Value NAS Storage for Mac and PC in 2019

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In this video we introduce you to QNAP’s latest 8-bay NAS, and the great thing about this one is that it’s actually cheaper than it’s predecessor.

The best thing about this NAS is that it’s actually almost A$1,000 cheaper than it’s older brother the TVS-872XT. While the cost has been cut the features are still very impressive, with it’s quad core Intel i3 processor, 8GB RAM and 5gbe out of the box connectivity. Previously I’d been using the 4 bay TVS-472XT NAS for the past year, and the unfortunate thing about it was that because I use RAID6, the most performance I would get out of it was slower than 5gbe and because I keep my NAS more than 2 meters away from my system I couldn’t take advantage of the integrated TB3 connectivity. So the fact that this new NAS dropped the 10gbe and TB3 connectivity to keep costs low, probably isn’t a bad thing for most users. Especially as they’ve still kept the 2x PCIe slots and 2x m.2 SSD slots for upgradeability, and that’s exactly what I’ve taken advantage of, installing a 10gbe network card and m.2 nVme SSD to demonstrate the performance you can still get out of the system.

A single Seagate Ironwolf hard drive setup would get just over 200MB/s read and write over 5gbe and 10gbe.
After switching to a Seagate FireCuda 510 SSD, speeds would max at 500MB/s over 5gbe and over 1000MB/s over 10gbe.

While the XT series is still king, the price of the new N series is just too good. Regarding the decision to go for 5gbe instead of 10gbe out of the box, I currently get 250MB/s over 10gbe in my 4 bay RAID6, so unless you’re ready to fully utilise the bays in your NAS, 5gbe is more than good enough to support most startup use cases. That’s why I’d recommend saving the difference in price, and down the line when you’re ready, spending 15 minutes upgrading to a m.2 SSD and 10gbe adapter like I did to get the best value/performance ratio.

8 Bay QNAP TVS-872N:
8 Bay QNAP TVS-872XT:
4 Bay QNAP TVS-472XT:
Seagate IronWolf HDD:
Seagate FireCuda SSD:
WIFI Adapter:
10gbe Adapter:

10GBe Upgrade:
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Control Panel Guide:
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