yt 6354 Review of Furrion RV TV LED TV FDFS40M1A  - Review of Furrion RV TV - LED TV - FDFS40M1A -

Review of Furrion RV TV – LED TV – FDFS40M1A –

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Today we’re taking a look at a Furrion HD 1080P RV TV.Now, this television provides entertainment in your RV. It’s designed as a wall mount unit, so the stand is not included, so please keep that in mind. This is a high-resolution LED design or LED screen that displays a bright, realistic picture. It offers a really nice contrast ratio to create a quality image. That’s 5,000 to 1 when it comes to the contrast ration.Now, the thing that really makes this beneficial or suitable for RV use is the smart technologies that’s built into the unit. This has a handful of smart technologies that are designed to ensure that the TV works when and how you want it to.

So, the first one I want to mention is Climatesmart. Climatesmart technology ensures that the TV is constructed in a way to where it can withstand even the most extreme climates, so extreme hot or extreme cold, winter storage, summer storage, whatever the case may be. Anytime you use your RV and the TV’s still in there, it’s going to function perfectly.The next one that I want to mention is Vibrationsmart technology. RVs and campers, they’re always moving around. They’re bouncing, they’re going over different terrain, all that kind of stuff.

This TV has been constructed in a way where all the internal components are kind of reinforced so it can withstand vibration, all the rigorous impacts that it takes from traveling. So, the Vibrationsmart technology helps the TV and all the terminals resist vibration. It also has SmartLink, which lets the TV communicate with other Furrion devices such as stereos.Now, when it comes the audio, that’s Dolby digital audio, provides clear, high-definition surround sound. I have a display hooked up to it. That way, you can kind of get a feel for how the unit looks.

Now, it’s coming through a video camera, so keep that in mind. But in person, I just want you to know that it’s very clear. It’s very crisp. Again, it’s an LED 1080p high-definition TV.We have our controls here on the side, and we have our speakers coming out the bottom, pointing downward, so I can adjust my volume. Video: There’s three basic types of towing mirrors, and they’re each going to have their own individual benefits.

So let’s take a closer look. Nice clear audio. I’m going to turn that down, but I am going to go ahead and let it play so that way you can see it in action. But again, it has the Dolby digital audio to provide clear, high-definition surround sound.It also offers multiple connection points to let you link other devices to the TV. I kind of have it all plugged up, but I am going to do my best to rotate it around so you can see it. We have some ports located right here that are easily accessible, and we have a handful of ports that run on the underside here. What I’m going to do is I’m going to go over those real quick.We have an HDMI port here on the bottom, and then we have two here on the side, so we have a total of three HDMI ports. We have VGA in, PC audio in, RF in, USB in as well. That’s a 5-volt, 500 milliamp connection point. Then on the bottom, we have left audio, right audio out, earphone out, optical out, left audio, right audio in, Y video, PbPr, and then again we have the HDMI 1.We have the VESA mounting point here on the back. It does come with some hardware. The VESA mounting pattern is standard 200 millimeter by 200 millimeter.But again, the side controls are nice. I pointed those out earlier. They’re located right here on this side, so they’re hidden from the front. They provide a clean, sleek look from the front, but easy access on the side of the unit. We have volume up, volume down, channel up, channel down. Then we have menu, source, and then our power button.It also comes with the Unismart universal remote control. It works with all Furrion TVs, stereos, and entertainment systems. Batteries are included, and again, it comes with the hardware there for the VESA mounting pattern on the back.When it comes to the dimensions, outside edge to outside edge, 35-3/4″ long. Top to bottom, 21-1/16″ tall. Front to back is 3-7/8″ deep. This is a 40″ screen size, so corner to corner is 40″. Maximum resolution is 920 by 1080 at 60 Hertz FHD. Speaker wattage is 10 watts per speaker, and again, the VESA mounting pattern is 200 millimeter by 200 millimeter.That’s going to do it for today’s look at the Furrion HD 1080P RV LED TV.

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