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Samsung Q60R 2019 QLED TV Review –

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Hands-on review of the Samsung Q60R QLED TV.

The Q60R is the lowest end model in Samsung’s 2019 QLED range. In this review, we compare it to 4 other popular models.

Full review:

The Samsung Q60R QLED is a good 4k TV that delivers good overall picture quality, with deep blacks and a wide color gamut. It has a nearly identical design to last year’s Samsung Q6FN. It has outstanding motion handling and excellent low input lag, great for gaming or fast action movies. Like the rest of Samsung’s QLED lineup, it supports FreeSync, and has an optional low latency game motion interpolation feature. Unfortunately, the image degrades when viewed at an angle, it doesn’t have a local dimming feature, and it can’t get very bright in HDR.

Model tested: 55” (QN55Q60R)
Should also be valid for the 43” (QN43Q60R), 49” (QN49Q60R), 65” (QN65Q60R), 75” (QN75Q60R) and 82” (QN82Q60R)

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Design (00:56)
Thermal (01:47)
Picture Quality (02:00)
Contrast (02:18)
Local Dimming (02:53)
Viewing Angle (03:19)
Reflections (04:07)
Peak Brightness (04:47)
Gray Uniformity (05:47)
Color Volume & Gamut (06:22)
Response Time (07:00)
Black Frame Insertion (07:44)
Input Lag (07:59)
Smart Features & Remote (09:09)
TVs Comparison (09:48)
Conclusion (10:45)

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