yt 11192 Samsung Q9FN Review Best 4K TV 2018 - Samsung Q9FN Review: Best 4K TV 2018?

Samsung Q9FN Review: Best 4K TV 2018?

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The Samsung Q9F could be the best 4K TV of 2018. The QLED vs OLED debate always comes up but the Q9FN really steps it up for 2018. The Samsung Q9F Review is the first of many TV reviews this year so stay tuned. This is the samsung 65 inch Q9F but I hope to see a smaller 55″ come to the US Market soon. Is this the best 4K TV 2018? Which TV are you looking forward to? I want to see more 2018 QLEDs, the 2018 Samsung tv I am looking forward to is the Wall Micro LED TV. Let me know if you enjoyed the q9fn review!

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