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Samsung RU7100 TV Review –

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Hands-on review of the Samsung RU7100 4k TV.

The Samsung RU7100 is a good 4k LED TV that has decent overall picture quality. In this review, we compare it to 4 other popular models.

Full review:

It can deliver deep blacks, thanks to the high native contrast ratio, and it is good for a dim room. However, it lacks a local dimming feature to further improve dark room performance.

Model tested: 55” (UN55RU7100)
Should also be valid for the 43” (UN43RU7100), 50” (UN50RU7100), 58” (UN58RU7100), 65” (UN65RU7100) and 75” (UN75RU7100) models.

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Design (01:19)
Thermal (02:17)
Picture Quality (02:28)
Contrast (02:43)
Local Dimming (03:26)
Viewing Angle (03:40)
Reflections (04:33)
Peak Brightness (05:07)
Color Volume & Gamut (05:58)
Gray Uniformity (06:33)
Response Time (07:43)
Black Frame Insertion (BFI) (08:43)
Input Lag (09:11)
Smart Features & Remote (09:46)
Sound (10:11)
TVs Comparison (10:35)
Conclusion (11:44)

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