yt 2812 Sony AF9 OLED Review Sonys BEST 4K OLED TV 2019 - Sony AF9 OLED Review - Sony's BEST 4K OLED TV 2019!

Sony AF9 OLED Review – Sony’s BEST 4K OLED TV 2019!

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Do you need to decide between Samsung QLED or OLED like the Sony Brava AF9 ? I went for OLED and today in this Review i’ll show you one of the best OLED TV’s I’ve tested in 2019.
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If you’re looking for a nigh on flawless OLED 4K performer, the Sony AF9 is it. It looks fabulous with 4K HDR and does a great job with SDR HD too. The arrival of Android Oreo removes a recurring niggle about Sony’s choice of smart platform.
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