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YouTube TV’s DVR Is Unique | Why It Matters to You

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It’s quite possible that the best feature with YouTube TV is the unlimited cloud DVR. But many users have complaints about one specific issue—sometimes you can or can’t fast-forward ads. We’re here to explain that.

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– Yes, it’s unlimited, so you don’t have to worry about recording limits – Shows are stored for 9 months
– On DVR specific content, you CAN fast-forward through commercials – Sometimes DVR content is replaced with On-Demand content (to save storage costs for YouTube) and on these versions, you CAN’T fast-forward through content.

Every time something is recorded, it takes up space on a server. Server space isn’t cheap, so to keep costs down, YouTube TV had to get creative.

So, instead of having thousands of people recording the same shows and taking up “private” server space which drives up costs, YouTube TV has certain content that moves to another server (the on-demand server or what we refer to in the video as the “shared” server) where it only has to store one copy and all its subscribers can access that content.

The downfall? On-demand versions have ads that you can’t fast-forward through.

All of this is to explain why YouTube TV does it this way. It’s how they give users an unlimited DVR for no additional cost.

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