yt 13359 Bose Frames Review Game Changer in Wearable Audio - Bose Frames Review: Game Changer in Wearable Audio?

Bose Frames Review: Game Changer in Wearable Audio?

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With the Bose Frames, no longer do you need a pair of sunglasses, and headphones to look stunning while rocking beats. These pair of sunglasses are available in two sizes, the Rondo, and the Alto, comes Bluetooth enabled, and equipped with a pair of speakers situated in the arms aimed right at your ear.

But how do these sound? And does it really look that good? Well, perhaps a starting price of S$299/US$199 might be the first thing to sway your decision.

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Bose Frames Review: Look Slick While Kicking To The Beat

Shot on Canon

Connected by Giga!

Lighting by Broncolor

Editor – Bobby Tonelli
Main Camera – Guanhua
Second Camera – Cheryl Tan
Producer – Soon Kai Hong
Video Editor – Soon Kai Hong

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Thanks to Bose Singapore for providing us the Frames

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