yt 196 Bose SoundWear Review A Speaker You Can Wear - Bose SoundWear Review: A Speaker You Can Wear

Bose SoundWear Review: A Speaker You Can Wear

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When CrackBerry Kevin first suggested I try out the Bose SoundWear, I thought it looked an awful lot like a toilet seat. But it’s not – nor is it an airline pillow, horseshoe, or boomerang. The Bose SoundWear is a wearable speaker, and while it’ll never replace your headphones, it does complement them in a way that’s more useful than I ever expected. Join me as I try out my first wearable speaker in the MrMobile Bose SoundWear review!


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LG Tone Studio [Pocketnow]:

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Bose SoundWear [Amazon]:

Bose QC35s [Amazon]


MrMobile’s Bose SoundWear Review was produced following two weeks with a Bose SoundWear Review device purchased by Mobile Nations. It was used with a Google Pixel 2 XL, HTC U11 Life, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and MacBook Pro 2017, and received one software update during the review process.


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